The Super Easy Beauty Hacks That Transformed My Makeup

The Super Easy Beauty Hacks That Transformed My Makeup

Today, we’re providing you the best & super easy beauty hacks from Huda Beauty !

Hack 1: For Flawless Foundation

If there’s one thing I do every day without fail, it’s Yo Glow, AKA exfoliate using our gentle WISHFUL Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub, $39.

It leaves your skin with the most radiant glow and creates the most flawless canvas for foundation, ensuring your makeup never looks cakey.

When we first created this product we advised using it two to three times a week but I started using

it daily for makeup prep and we soon realized it was gentle enough for daily use,

and it makes such a big difference to how your skin looks and feels when you’re wearing makeup.


Post Yo Glowing, I’m obsessed with using our new #FauxFilter Skin Finish Foundation Stick, $39, for a filtered yet natural look.

The two products complement each other beautifully and allow you to create a flawless, healthy skin finish that’s radiant AF. Seriously, get ready for the glow up!


Hack 2: Beauty hacks for Sultry Liner

Eyeliner will forever be my go-to as it instantly exaggerates and snatches your eyes making them look so sexy.

Instead of using the liquid side of our Life Liner Duo Pencil & Liquid Eyeliner, $25,

recently I’ve been creating a softer wing using eyeshadow and the pencil side.

The end result is a sexy, smokey liner, plus it allows you to play with different colors

depending on your mood.

My favorite colors to use ATM are the burgundy shade SPICY and the brown

shade NAUGHTY from our new Naughty Nude Eyeshadow Palette, $67.


Hack 3: For Fluttery Lashes

Although I will always love false eyelashes, right now I’ve been keeping it simple by

only using mascara for my everyday look.

Of course, I’m still amping up the volume using our Legit Lashes Double-Ended Mascara, $27,

and I’ve developed a few hacks along the way…


Step 1: First of all, I always start with the Volume wand and shut my eyes slightly to allow me to reach the base of the lash.

Then, to evenly disperse the formula, as I comb the wand through my lashes, I twist the wand in a circular motion.


Step 2: Once I’m happy with the length, I remove any excess product from the wand and use

the tip to push the lashes so they’re angled outwards, which helps to create a sexy, cat-eye illusion.

To finish, I apply a few coats of the Curl and Length wand for a sexy, false lash effect.

Hack 4: Beauty hacks for Natural Brows

huda brows

This hack is SO simple compared to the rest beauty hacks,

but for so long I didn’t think it was that important!

Now, I’m literally love brushing up my brows! It allows you to create a feathered brow finish with minimal effort.

Not only do I brush up my brow hairs before I add definition with a pencil,

I comb through the hairs to distribute the pencil or powder pigment for a more natural final look.

Simply grab your spooley and get to work! You can use a little hairspray or soap to keep them pushed up and in shape.

Hack 5: For Quick and Easy Touchups

In case you haven’t heard, we recently dropped a new primer and it has to be my fave primer to date – the Huda Beauty Water Jelly Primer, $33.

It’s super hydrating and effortlessly grips your makeup for long-lasting wear.

Recently, I used it to touch-up my eye makeup and I was shocked at how well it worked to wipe away fallout and smudging effortlessly without causing my liner to bleed.

At the end, we hope this article was helpful.. you can read more about makeup:

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